Why Charcoal?

There has been a lot of buzz about skincare products with charcoal. But, what really is “activated charcoal” and why should we use it?

Activated charcoal is made by processing natural materials like wood, olive pits and coconut shells at very high temperatures. Activated charcoal works by chemically binding other substances to its surface and holding them there. Activated charcoal attracts the toxins that stick like a magnet on your skin.

So, skin care products with activated charcoal help in drawing out impurities lie oil, dirt, sweat, makeup and other toxins that clog your pores. When pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion. Activated charcoal, due to its texture, makes for a gentle natural exfoliator. It binds to dirt and deep cleans your pores by pulling out dirt, excess sebum, dead skin cells and oil leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Apart from being an exceptional natural ingredient for a healthier and smoother skin, activated charcoal is also popular for its detoxification properties and internal cleansing abilities.

When combined with the soothing smell and antimicrobial properties of essential oils, activated coconut charcoal makes for an incredible cleanser. Lavenza’s Charcoal Blast is a multipurpose daily-use face cleanser that effectively yet gently cleanses face and removes makeup without drying your skin and leaving it refreshed, soft and nourished.