Perfect Night Skincare Combo set - Cleansing Balm, Hyaluronic Marine Sleeping Gel & Multipurpose Lip Balm

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Go for a "beauty rest" with our Perfect Night Skincare combo set which has everything you need for deep cleansing, hydrating, toning and nourishing with just 3 products.

During the night, your skin is able to absorb the nutrients of the skincare products better, there aren't environmental stressors at night; products are able to better penetrate when you're not wearing makeup while you sleep and the skin can breathe.

Here is what you need:-

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1. Cleansing Balm - Soap - Free Face Cleanser + Makeup Remover

This soap-free cleansing balm emulsifies with water into a luxurious creamy milk that gently removes deep lying dirt, pollutants and most stubborn makeup for a perfectly clean, breathable and hydrated skin.

Qty- 50 gms

2. Deep Sea Marine - Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Gel + Sleeping Mask

Lavenza pH balanced, Oil-Free Deep Sea Marine Face Serum Works as Moisturizing Gel, Sleeping Mask & Toner (3in1). Packed with Plant derived Hyaluronic Acid, Red, Brown & Green seaweeds, Niacinamide in the base of organic ylang ylang floral waters, this blend deeply hydrates, detoxifies, nourishes and tones skin.

Qty- 30 ml

3. Lavenza Multitasking Lip Balm

Use this natural blend as a lip balm, an overnight lip mask, or to moisturize the dry, parched skin of elbows, knees & hands or to massage on your cuticles to encourage healthy nails. This citrusy balm is a powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that would help fight free radicals and nourish your lips and skin. 

Qty - 15 gms




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